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I caught a big flock of birds here, swarming over this symmetrically patterned field.






Not far past Greensburg, is the small town of Mullinville. The main attraction here is the large display of bizarre metal sculptures. I researched this later, and found some information about the artist.








I stayed that night at the Dodge City Budget Host Inn, on Wyatt Earp Blvd. It was a pretty decent motel with a relatively modest price for a tourist oriented town.


Day 8 – Dodge City KS to Canon City CO


Dodge City today, as in the days of the old west, is a cattle town. Countless millions of Texas longhorns, and almost as many cowboys have been through this town.

This “Queen of the Cowtowns” has a rich history, chock full of colorful characters such as Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday.



Here is “El Capitan”

This longhorn statue was at the center of town, close to Boot Hill.





This whole area of western Kansas is full of cattle feedyards, which are like densely packed cow cities.

I stopped by a couple of them, but I found it difficult to record them effectively on film. You need some sort of 360° panorama camera to capture the mood of a large feedyard, which simply put, are cows everywhere you look.

This is a wide angle shot I cropped down to resemble a panorama view.



I crossed into Colorado on Hwy 50, but did not see much of interest in eastern Colorado, except for the distant Rockies beckoning on the western horizon. Also, it was a clear, bright blue day, which is just awful for photography.



Past the city of Pueblo at the start of the Rocky Mountains is Canon City, where I stayed for the night.

I found an overlook of Canon City for an after sunset picture.





Day 9 – Canon City CO to Grand Junction CO


The morning found me back up on Skyline Drive, where I had been for the sunset shot. The predawn light is some of the mellowest light of the day. And then … THERE IT IS! The first rays of sunlight coming over the eastern horizon.








I like the way this narrow road just seems to ascend up into the sky. The first few minutes of sunlight lit up the grass by the side of the road as if it were strands of gold.








This was one of my favorite spots of the entire trip. The early morning golden light is very fleeting, but I managed to quickly take a bunch of shots in the few minutes before the grass lost its glowing luster.









This scene with the horses was close to Poncha Springs. It was October 23rd, and the Rockies were already draped in snow.

The peaks over 14,000 feet are called 14ers. Colorado has 54 peaks that qualify as 14ers.






The view from the summit of 11,312 foot high Monarch Pass, on the Continental Divide.







Here is a peek at Blue Mesa Reservoir. A cloudy sky with direct sun, are desirable ingredients to make a good looking reflection.





Here are a couple of views of Black Canyon of the Gunnison. This is a small national park, put together around the very steep and dark canyon walls surrounding the Gunnison River.









I made it to Grand Junction, checked into the Motel 6, and later that night took a ride out to Colorado National Monument.


It always amazes me how a little bit of moonlight can record on film a landscape that looks like the middle of the day.

Take away the stars from this 10 minute shot which was taken around 9:00 PM, and this might look like it was taken at 9:00 AM





This long exposure was aimed at the city of Grand Junction, far below.

The lights just seem to blend together, but notice how you can pick out the greener lights, which would be fluorescent, and the redder lights, which would be the incandescent.

Different light sources record with different color casts on film. The moon reflects sunlight, so it is the same as indirect daylight.



Here we have a “before and after” scenario. Before the cars drove by, and then after the cars drove by.









Day 10 – Grand Junction CO to Baker NV


The early morning found me right back at Colorado National Monument to catch some pre sunrise light.








Here we have a popular stopping place called “Grand View”.  Independence Monument is the central figure in the scene here.









Most of Utah was crossed at great speed on I-70. I had a fabulous visit with most of Utah’s national parks several months earlier, so I did not feel like spending a lot of time here this time.


I finally got off the freeway onto Highway 50, and there is a stretch of about 85 miles that is as desolate as it gets. This is basically the southern extension of the Great Salt Lake Desert.

This section between Delta UT, and Baker NV is truly the middle of nowhere. Not a lot is out here. I am not saying that is a bad thing though.



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