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I got to the tiny community of Baker NV, and checked into the “Border Inn”. That is a fitting name since it is placed right on the Utah/Nevada border. You check into the office in Nevada, and then you walk a few yards back into Utah to get to your room. Of course … the ubiquitous casino that is common for any Nevada establishment, large or small, is clearly on the Nevada side.

Baker Nevada is strategically placed right next to probably the most isolated national park in the country -- Great Basin National Park.


I left for Great Basin about an hour before sunset, drove up to the highest point the road goes, and took a quick look at 13,063 foot high Wheeler Peak.

The sun was behind the mountains, so it was hard to do much with it.






The ride back down the summit from nearly 10,000 feet up provided some great views. Clear desert air seems to allow for more distant views.




The last few minutes of sunlight, and the first few minutes after sunset, turned the eastern horizon a variety of colors. Desert sunsets are amongst the best.











The full moon was a central figure in the eastern sky.








There was a layer of pink on top of a layer of blue.

That is common on the eastern horizon right after the sun sets.





Day 11 – Baker NV to Sacramento CA


I especially like the early morning in the clear pristine desert. Just before the sun officially rises over the horizon, the first sunlight hits only the mountaintops, giving them a warm red tint. This is known as “alpenglow”











And then -- sunrise! The first light on my last day on the road!







Suddenly -- the landscape is bathed in rich golden tinted light. And for a few minutes it is the best light of the day -- except for maybe sunset, of course.




The combination of the early light on the shrubbery, the road, and the great sky, made fine ingredients for pictures. This is looking down both directions on Hwy 159, which is back across the Utah state line.











A short time later, the sky really came alive. Great desert skies like this are the canvas to paint landscape elements on. Photography is quite literally, painting with light.






Highway 50 through Nevada has been dubbed by Life Magazine as “The loneliest road in America”.

But looking to the west, and judging from the jet contrails in the sky, it looked like at least a thousand people had just passed by in the crowded skies up above.




The wide open stretches of this “loneliest road” were simply delightful. I guess the opposite of a lonely road would be a big city traffic jam. Give me that lonely road every time!

Here is a pair of scenes along Highway 50. Fuji Velvia slide film really helps to bring out the colors in otherwise drab and barren landscapes. That great sky helps out too.











This is the Shoe Tree. It is found on Hwy 50 between Austin and Fallon. This was my second visit to this landmark that is home to many hundreds of shoes.


 Here is a San Francisco Chronicle article about this shoe tree





And just a couple more views along Highway 50.









After Nevada, it was into California, over the Sierras, onto Sacramento, …. and home.

After a great 20 state road trip… home at last!


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