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New Website!

Welcome to the online galleries of Steve Shames. I hope you enjoy this new website! We just got back from a trip to Thailand, but I am currently posting pictures from our December trip to Utah's national parks.

I live in the Sacramento metro area in California with the love of my life and travel partner, Lauri. Below are the trips we have planned for 2024, so far.

Steve and Lauri, 2018

***April 2024 -- Three day road trip to Carrizo Plain, and then onto Montana del Oro state park on the coast, then up to Garrapata State Park, just south of Carmel.

***May 2024 -- Yet another trip to Africa, and back to the Serengeti. This will make my 10th African trip, and Lauri's 8th.

*** September -- 2024 -- Start from home, on a long road trip around the western states, with the farthest point out being Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota!

*** November 2024 -- Trip to New Zealand! 12 days on a guided tour with Gate One Travel, then 5 days on our own in a rental car.

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Latest Photos

View of Bryce Canyon
Thor's Hammer Hoodoo
Thor's Hammer Bryce Canyon
Snowy Bryce Canyon
Navajo Loop Trail
Bryce Canyon Hoodoos
Bryce Canyon View
Bryce Canyon Sunset